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Pure Form PFT presents the 2018 ReSolution Challenge!

Our New Year Solution Challenge includes 6 weeks of the most complete system around, guaranteed to produce results! Don’t just work out this year, learn how to re-train your body to get better every day! This 6-week challenge will change your life in 2018!

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Our group training is unlike a normal gym class. Classes are taught by certified personal trainers who are experts in the PFT System. Each class will push and motivate you to give your very best. Try our group training and discover what it feels like to belong to the #PFTfamily. The PFT family is a non-intimidating and supportive community of people who motivate and help one another succeed.

Our classes are 40-45 minutes long and are broken down into a 5-minute warm-up, a 30-minute total body training segment, and a 4-minute finisher. You work at your own intensity with the PFT System, so anyone can get a great workout, regardless of training history. We recommend training 5 days per week at any and all of our daily classes.

Pure Form PFT is a child-friendly facility. Each one of our locations has an on-site room or area for your children to hang out while you workout.

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