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Last 60 Days of the Decade

Challenge: Last 60 Days of the Decade

Make 2020 a year to remember, by living the last 60-days of the decade with purpose!

7 Simple Daily Actions that will change your body, your mind, your heart, and your community. Think of how good you will feel going into 2020 if you end this year with good habits implemented, and you are coming from a place of intentionality. Let's get a jump start on the new decade and start it off as an incredible one!

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Challenge Includes:

  • 7 STEPS TO SUCCESS to incorporate into your day, that will help make your journey toward a better you in 2020 start off with a hit!
  • A 7 steps to success tracking sheet
  • Community of others that are taking on the same challenge, to gain support and encouragement from!
  • A facebook page for that said community of other challengers.. to share, ask questions, encourage, and support others!