PureFormer of the Month

Each month, we choose an individual to be our PureFormer of the month. This is a person with a story that has inspired us: a great weight loss journey, overcoming an injury, using their improved fitness to accomplish their goals, and countless other stories that we haven't even imagined yet.

Browse this page and enjoy the stories. And if you think you have what it takes to be our PureFormer of the Month, we invite you to tell us your story.

Are you our PureFormer of the Month?

Each month, we share the story of a Pure Former who has experienced success with our program. We invite you to share your story with us for a chance to become our Pure Former of the Month! Each winner will receive a free month of training and a Pure Form sweatshirt.

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    Joe and Natalie

    Where do you work out? This is a question I would often hear from people. I'd proudly say PFT. PFT changed my life, and my husbands life. Since coming to PFT my husband has lost 30 pounds, quit smoking, changed his diet completely and has committed to working out 5 days a week. I have...


    From Laurie's trainer: Meet Laurie (aka Lil' Bit)!! I'm so proud of this pint-sized powerhouse!! Laurie shows up everyday ready to work and is always asking questions; looking to learn and improve. An absolute valued member of our PFT Family!! Well done Lil' Bit!