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Personal Training: The Pure Form Way

At Pure Form Personal Fitness Training, our expert staff, management, and owners are committed to your success. Through years of experience, we’ve learned that there is not one right way to get fit, but there is only one Pure Form approach to fitness.

Personal Training in a Group Environment

Our group training is unlike a normal gym class. Classes are taught by certified personal trainers who are experts in the PFT System. Each class will push and motivate you to give your very best. Try our group training and discover what it feels like to belong to the #PFTfamily. The PFT family is a non-intimidating and supportive community of people who motivate and help one another succeed.

Our classes are 40-45 minutes long and are broken down into a 5-minute warm-up, a 30-minute total body training segment, and a 4-minute finisher. You work at your own intensity with the PFT System, so anyone can get a great workout, regardless of training history. We recommend training 5 days per week at any and all of our daily classes.

Start with our 28-day Reboot

Certified trainers at Pure Form PFT

Are you busy juggling a job, kids, family, and friends? Do you wonder when you can make time to take care of yourself? Are you overwhelmed whenever you think about health, diet, and exercise? Are you ready to finally change your life?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, we have the answer at Pure Form PFT—all we ask you to do is take the first step. All of our clients start with our successful 28-day reboot program. This program is designed to integrate you at your pace to our metabolic style of strength and conditioning. You will have unlimited access to all PFT group training classes Monday - Saturday at any of our PureForm locations throughout the San Joaquin Valley, including Tracy, Stockton, Lodi, West Sacramento, and Galt.

At every session, you will be instructed by a certified coach through all exercises to ensure proper form and maximum effectiveness. You will also have access to our exclusive PFT 2.0 System, which includes nutritional information, self-monitoring, body composition testing, accountability, and nutritional coaching. If you follow our 2.0 system, you will improve your fitness and crush your goals. The support of the #pftfamily will keep you motivated, and you’ll have the chance to form relationships with like-minded people who are committed to a healthier lifestyle.

Why 28 days? According to science, it takes anywhere from 21 to 30 days to develop a new habit – it’s all about finding the system that works for you. Come give it a try and reboot your life, the Pure Form way! If you’re ready to change your life, purchase your 28-day reboot for only $99 at any of our PureForm locations or online. Your results matter to us. You matter to us.

Frequently Asked Questions about Pure Form PFT

  • Is this CrossFit?

    No, Pure Form PFT is a group personal training studio. All classes are led by certified personal trainers who lead and guide you through every move, ensuring Pure Form and preventing injury. Pure Form PFT workouts can be as intense as CrossFit, without the risk of injury.

  • Can beginners do PFT?

    Yes, our training is based on intensity and all classes are based on timed intervals. You work at your own intensity during the work phase, and if you need to take a break, you get right back into the interval as quickly as you can. Your strength and endurance will improve every week.

  • What if I have injuries?

    At Pure Form PFT, we have modifications and alternate moves for almost every single injury or limitation you may have. Our certified personal trainers will guide you to help you get the very best out of every workout.

  • Do you work with children?

    Children are welcome to join in our training as long as they are physically mature enough to perform the moves with some control and are mentally focused enough to strive for improvement.

  • Do you have child care?

    We do not have designated child care. However, all Pure Form PFT facilities are child-friendly and have an on-site room or area for your children to hang out while you workout.

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