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21 Day Keto Crush

Did you know?

  • Not all ketogenic diets are created equal
  • Protein requirements do matter for muscle retention and/or gain (even while using a ketogenic diet)
  • High-intensity training (done right) can speed up the ketogenic process
  • Eating a "Keto Meal" is not the same thing as being in a state of ketosis
  • Micronutrient, electrolyte and hydration considerations are key for overall success and avoiding the "Keto Flu"
  • Achieving and maintaining a state of ketosis can require different macronutrient ratios and time tables from person to person
  • Sticking to a ketogenic diet can be very difficult (in the beginning) and often times, you'll feel alone using an eating strategy that can alienate you from group events and get togethers

What we offer with our "PFT: 21-Day Keto Crush" Program:

  • A well-formulated ketogenic program (over 70 pages) that can be tailored and adjusted to suit each person's individual needs.
  • Expert coaching to make sure, you not only lose body fat, but maintain (or even gain) your hard-earned lean muscle
  • Unlimited Periodized training, that is sure to speed up fat loss and optimize results
  • A complete breakdown of exactly what you'll need to maintain optimal micronutrient, electrolyte and hydration levels. Say goodbye "Keto Flu".
  • If for whatever reason, you aren't achieving your goals; our expert coaches can answer any questions you may have and will be able to adjust your program to get you right back on track
  • Complete accountability and support with weekly meetings, a private Facebook page (for advice, sharing, encouragement, etc.), in person coaching and FIT3D Scans for monitoring progress
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