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Mindset Monday: What’s your WATT?


Hey guys,
Carl The Servant here form Pure Form PFT, with your #MindsetMonday.

What’s your Watt?
We live in a dark world. There’s a lot of darkness in the world surrounding us each day. When we look around the media from Facebook to the news to just our daily commute. We see negative, pain, hurt. But, listen guys, we all have some light. Some of our lights are REALLY bright! Some of our lights are 200 WATT!!!! And some lights are only 15 Watts…

So, What’s your watt? What do you bring to the table. What do you bring to improve society, improve the world around you, improve your Sphere of Influence?

We all have the ability to effect positive change. So, go out there and be the light in your community. Be the light in you sphere of influence. Even if your sphere is only 5 people that you come into contact with on a daily basis, go be the light in their lives.

Now, if you look at your light and you realize it’s dim, you can take steps to make it brighter! There are actionable steps you can make to step out of your own darkness into the light and share that light with others.

So, go out there and be a Bigger, Better, Brighter light in the world!
Be a Bigger Watt
Carl the servant

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Wednesday, 26 February 2020

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