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Bite Sized Breakdown: What is the "BEST DIET" to follow?


It's pretty safe to say, that most of us at some point in our lives have tried to follow a diet? With near certainty, we can also say we all failed to adhere to this new diet for any true length of time.

Do any of these sound familiar...

  • Tired of eating food you don't enjoy?
  • Sick of eating the same thing day after day?
  • Are you struggling to find a "diet" that works?
  • Have you wondered which "diet" (Paleo, Ketogenic, Vegan, Vegetarian, Mediterranean, etc.) is best?

If we all want to be healthier, look better, have more confidence, etc.; then WHY is sticking to a diet so hard?

Perhaps, we are tackling our goals from the wrong perspective. Instead of trying to force our bodies to "react" (doing something we hate), maybe we could try coaxing our bodies to "respond" by following an approach we enjoy.

We hear so much conflicting advice about nutrition. Each person seems to think that "their way" is the ONLY way to have success.

Diet is NOT a religion and should not be treated as such.

Relax...this isn't a race and our salvation does not lie within the eating strategy we decide to employ. Take your time to experiment, try different approaches and food choices, listen to your body's biofeedback, and slowly the puzzle will become more clear.

This is a long-term game! Short-cuts will always come up "short". At PFT, we are about Long-cuts; which have the added benefit of sustainability and long-term success.

So in short, the "BEST DIET", is the one you enjoy and can follow for the rest of your life.

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MindSet Monday, December 4, 2017

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