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Form Friday: Wall Band Burly Tucks


You can achieve great results with this core exercise, but only if your form is correct. Let's make  sure you're on the right track!

Getting Into Position:

  1. Next to the wall band, stand facing perpendicular to the wall. In class, your Coach will instruct you on which way to face.
  2. Grip the wall band palm down with the hand furthest from the wall and pull the band away from the wall.
  3. Then, grab the band palm up with the hand closest to the wall. Keep your hands close together. Tip: Grip it like a baseball bat.
  4. Step away from the wall to create tension on the band.
  5. Stand in a wide-stance with your feet pointed forward. This will create a stable base.
  6. Stand tall and keep your body in-line. Do not bend over.
  7. Flex your abs and squeeze your glutes.
  8. Keep your arms locked-out and close to your body. Do not bend your elbows or let your arms drift away from your body.

Once You Begin:

  1. All the movement is in your upper body. Keep your lower body static.
  2. Using your inside hand, push your hand down toward the center of your body in an arcing motion. Tip: Think of dragging you hand along the turf. Stop once your inside arm points straight toward your outside leg; creating one long straight line.
  3. While doing this, you will notice your inside shoulder, dips down toward the floor.
  4. Retrace your movement back up to release most of the tension and come out of the rep.
  5. Make sure to exhale as you push down on the band. This will expel more air from your lungs, aiding you in engaging your abs better.
  6. Make sure that you are not twisting your body. Instead, move in an upright, lateral motion.
  7. Repeat until it is time to switch sides.


  1. If this exercise seems too difficult, you can release some tension on the band by stepping a little closer to the wall.
  2. On the other hand, if this exercise feels too easy, simply step-out further from the wall. This will create more tension.

As always, I hope this helps! If you are ever unsure that you are practicing the correct form, make sure you ask your Coach. They can guide you on the right path!

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Wednesday, 19 February 2020

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