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Form Friday: TRX Pendulum Swings


Happy Form Friday, Everyone! Today I will be reviewing the TRX Pendulum Swings! This is a fantastic core exercise! Let's get you set-up!

First, a quick reminder of the fundamentals of setting up with your toes in the TRX straps.

  • Once your toes are in the TRX straps, double check that the TRX straps are hanging straight down. With your positioning on the floor, DO NOT let the TRX straps get pushed back or pulled out toward you. TIP: Adjust your positioning on the floor to let the TRX straps hang perfectly vertical.
  • ALWAYS flex your toes toward your body! TIP: This will give you more control over your legs during the exercise and keep your body in a straight line; protecting your back. DO NOT let your feet in the TRX straps “go limp”. This will allow your body to arch and hang down, which is very bad for your back.
  • Next, for this exercise, come down to your forearms. TIP: Make sure to keep your forearms and hands parallel to each other. DO NOT let your hands come together. This is bad for your shoulders.
  • Make sure to keep your shoulders over your elbows. DO NOT let your shoulders sink down and forward. This is something I commonly see. TIP: Chest proud.
  • To protect your neck, keep your head neutral. DO NOT look up or look down at feet.
  • Lastly, as always, engage your abs and glutes to protect your back.

For this exercise, most of the steps are in setting up. Once you are in position, the movement has less steps to remember.

  • Initiate with an exhale to engage your core.
  • Focus on keeping your upper body static.
  • Your legs and feet stay together, as you laterally swing your legs side to side in a controlled motion. TIP: All the movement is in your hips. DO NOT think about swinging your feet, but rather about bending at your hips. Also, DO NOT let your butt hang down.
  • Continue alternating from side to side as necessary.

This is a difficult exercise. If you need an alternative option until you are able to perform this one, you may substitute Heel Taps on the floor.

  • Lay on your back with your knees bent.
  • Crunch up so your shoulder blades are off of the ground. TIP: Stay in this crunch position during this exercise.
  • Starting on one side, reach for your heel on the same side; or underneath your legs for your opposing heel. TIP 1: Make sure your heels are out of reach. TIP 2: Try not to swing your upper body too much. Instead, focus on the reach and dipping your shoulders straight down.

That's it for this week! Please share with anyone that may benefit from our blogs and videos! Until next time, make each day awesome!

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Wednesday, 19 February 2020

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