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Form Friday: TRX Circuit


Hey, Everyone! Happy Form Friday on this last day of November!

First off, I want to give a HUGE “Happy Birthday” to our West Sac. Head Trainer, Michael! If you haven't already, please reach out to him and wish him a VERY Happy Birthday! Michael is a vital part, of not only the West Sac. location, but to the entire PFT family. Happy Birthday, Michael!

For this week's Form Friday, I will be reviewing most of Monday's TRX Circuit, for the month of December, which includes a couple combo exercises. So, let's get you set-up!

What I will be going over you may seem like a lot, but once watch the video; I promise it will make more sense.

If you are a PFT member, and executing this circuit in class, the first 3 minutes of the TRX circuit will all be with the toes of your right foot in the TRX straps and your left foot out. DO NOT switch your footing for the entire first 3 minutes. Within the 3 minutes, the first 2 minutes you will be alternating 5 Suspended Push-ups, right into 5 Left Split Squats. Directly after the first 2 minutes, for the last 1 minute of the 3 minutes, you will be alternating 5 Left Regular Spideys, right into 5 Left Single-leg Fast Burpees. After you have completed the first 3 minutes, you will have a 30 second break. This is a transitional time to switch your footing, so the toes of your left foot is in the TRX straps and your right foot is out. You will repeat the same exercises you just did in the first 3 minutes; on the other side.

Feel free to review the video as many times as you need. I will also include a “TRX Circuit Cheat Sheet” at the end of my blog.

FIRST, let's review some fundamentals of performing TRX exercises; when our toes are in the TRX straps.

  • ALWAYS flex your toes toward your body! TIP: This will give you more control over your legs during the exercise and keep your body in a straight line; protecting your back. DO NOT let your foot in the TRX strap “go limp”. This will allow your body to arch and hang down, which is very bad for your back.
  • With your arms locked-out, and hands on the floor, keep your shoulders directly above your wrists. TIP: If you have pain in your wrists, simply turn your hands so your fingertips are pointing out. This will help.
  • Double check that the TRX straps are hanging straight down. With your positioning on the floor, DO NOT let the TRX straps get pushed back or pulled out toward you. TIP: Adjust your hand positioning on the floor to let the TRX straps hang perfectly vertical.
  • To protect your neck, keep your head neutral. DO NOT let your head hang down.
  • Lastly, as always, flex your abs and your glutes to protect your back.
  • Always exhale to better engage your core muscles.

Now, let's go over each of the 4 exercises. Again, remember, the first 3 minutes of the TRX circuit your right foot is in and your left foot is out. DO NOT switch your footing.

5 Suspended Push-ups

  • First, make sure to follow all the steps I just went over.
  • The most challenging way to execute the TRX Suspended Push-ups, is to keep your “off leg” (your left leg) extended and inline with your right leg.
  • Pinch your shoulder blades together at the bottom.
  • Then, “push the ground away from you” as you rise up.
  • A couple modifications here:
    • First, try lightly tapping the toes of your "off" foot down for a little added support.
    • Second, you can place your "off" knee on the floor.
    • TIP: If using a modification, keep your torso straight. DO NOT let your torso arch.

5 Left Split Squats

  • First, rise up onto your “off leg” (left leg).
  • Make sure to hop forward to make TRX strap tight (no slack).
    • TIP 1: Keep your back foot flexed.
    • TIP 2: Come forward enough so that when you are in the down position of the Split Squat, your front leg creates a right angle. DO NOT let your front knee pass your front foot.
    • TIP 3: When you adequately come forward and there is no slack in the TRX strap, this “locks down” everything assisting with making balancing easier.
    • TIP 4: Keep your chest upright at all times.
  • Squat straight down and rise back up. TIP: Core and glutes flexed.

(Here's what these two exercises look like from start to finish.)

5 Regular Spideys

  • Set-up is the same as the Suspended Push-ups.
  • Initiate by exhaling and bringing your left knee up to your left elbow.
  • Finish repetition by extending your leg back out. TIP: Make sure to fully reset before starting another repetition.
5 Single-leg Fast Burpees
  • First, rise up onto your “off leg” (left leg).
  • Then, back down to your hands.
  • Step back with your “off leg”. Then, back up near your hands.
  • Stand up tall. TIP: Your “working knee” (right knee) will come up the front of your body. Then, repeat.

(Here's what these two exercises look like from start to finish.)
(Now all four exercises with 5 repetitions each.)


If these exercises are too hard, and keeping perfect form is impossible, you may complete all 4 exercises on the floor; with no feet in the TRX straps. But, try your very best to give the exercises a fair chance; before trying to modify. Always do your best to “push” yourself. That is how we improve.

That concludes this week's Form Friday! Please see the bottom of the blog for a TRX Circuit Cheat Sheet!

Please make sure to share with everyone that could benefit from these difficult combo moves! Until next week, make each day awesome!


First 3 Minutes (left foot out, right foot in):

2 Minutes:

  • Alternate 5 TRX Suspended Push-ups and 5 TRX Left Split Squats; Repeat
  • All on the same side. Do not switch feet.
1 Minute:
  • With the same footing, 5 TRX Left Regular Spideys and 5 TRX Left Single-leg Fast Burpees; Repeat
  • All on the same side. Do not switch feet.

After three minutes, take a 30 second break, switch sides (right foot out, left foot in) and repeat exercises for another 3 minutes.

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