TRX Official Name: Alternating Suspended Knee Tucks

TRX exercises can be difficult; but hopefully by dissecting this exercise, we'll help make it a little easier! Let's set you up for success!


  1. Place the toes of both feet into both TRX straps
    TIP: Flex your feet, so your toes point toward your body. This will give you more control over your legs and is better for your back. DO NOT let your feet and legs go limp. This may cause your back to arch and make it hard for you to flex your abs and squeeze your glutes; which protect your back.
  2. Once your feet are in place, double check that the TRX straps are hanging perfectly vertical before you start.
  3. TIP: Adjust the positioning of your hands to ensure the TRX straps hang straight up and down. DO NOT let your body's positioning on the ground, push the straps back toward the wall or out toward you.
  4. Now that your lower body is in place, let's focus on your arms. Keep them vertical throughout this exercise. TIP 1: Shoulders over wrists. DO NOT let your shoulders travel behind or in front of your wrists. This may cause injury. TIP 2: If you have painful or injured wrists, simply turn your hands so your finger point out to either sides. This will help.
  5. Squeeze your ab muscles and flex your glutes to protect your back.
  6. Keep your head neutral. DO NOT let your head sink down as this is bad for your neck.
The Movement:
  1. Exhale, as you bring one knee up toward the center of your body. TIP: As your knee comes forward, your butt will rise up. Keep your extended leg straight.
  2. Inhale, as you extend the same leg back out to reset. TIP: Make sure you reset each time.
  3. Alternate legs
  1. For this exercise, if the optimal way is too difficult or you have injuries that prohibit you from performing this exercise with perfect form, simply do this exercise from the ground. Same rules apply. Simply treat the exercise like a slow and controlled Mt. Climber.
  2. You may also substitute the exercise with Dark Spideys on the floor, which has a similar movement. Bring each knee up diagonally on the inside of your body. TIP: Opposing knee and elbow meet.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this exercise breakdown! I hope you had an amazing week! Let's finish out this week STRONG and keep being awesome! #PFTfamily #FormFriday #BetterEveryDay