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Form Friday: Single-Leg Bench Hip Thrusters


This week, for Form Friday, I will review the single-leg Bench Hip (or butt) Thrusters! This is an EXCELLENT exercise for building your glutes!

If you are a PFT member, this is on our Friday's workout for the month of October. Let's get you set-up!


  • You will need a bench for this exercise.
  • Facing the bench, sit on the ground at the end of your bench. DO NOT set-up at the middle of your bench, as there will not be enough bench weight to support your movement during this exercise; causing the bench to slide.
  • Once on the ground, if you are working your left-side first, place your left heel on the top of the bench. TIP: To start, have this leg bent in a right-angle (90 degrees).
  • Your “off” leg (in this example: your right leg) should be vertical. TIP: Your “off” leg foot is pointing toward the ceiling.
  • As for your arms, ideally, have them extended above your head (this is the most difficult). TIP: If you need more support, you may have your triceps on the ground. For even MORE support, you may have your entire arms extended, down on the ground, next to your body.
  • Before starting, flex your core and glutes to protect your back.


  • To initiate each repetition, exhale to more efficiently engage your core muscles.
  • Thrust your hips and glutes straight up, while pushing your heel straight down on the bench. TIP 1: Thrust up until you body creates a straight line from chest to supporting knee. TIP 2: Drive your “off” foot up toward the ceiling. DO NOT push your supporting foot out and away from your body.
  • Inhale and lower your body back down in a controlled motion. TIP: Continue to flex your glutes.
  • Repeat as necessary and make sure you “show love” to the other side.

If you are unable to perform this exercise safely with good form, that's okay!

  • If this exercise is a little too difficult, you may execute this exercise from the ground.
  • If you have any knee injuries, you may also perform this with both feet on the floor.

That's all for this week! I hope this helps your workouts become more efficient! If you know anyone who could benefit from our Form Friday Blog, please share! Until next Friday! Make each day AWESOME!

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Thursday, 23 January 2020

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