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Form Friday: Single Arm Free-Band Bent-Over Row

You can work out, or you can work out with Pure Form. Proper form prevents injury and lets you get the most out of the effort you're putting in. Learn the right way to do the Single Arm Free-Band Bent-Over Row from Renée, our trainer at PureForm PFT West Sacramento.

Here are the steps for creating perfect form for this exercise:

  • Place both hands through both ends of the band
  • Grab the band with both hands
  • Whichever side you are rowing, bring the opposite foot forward
  • Ideally, step on the band so that 2/3 of the band is on the outside of your body
  • Extend the other foot straight back to get your body in a straight line
  • Rest the non-rowing forearm, as well as all your body's weight, on the front leg
  • Once in position, keep core tight and glutes tight
  • Maintain a straight back and do not let your shoulders round
  • Keep your head neutral
  • Initiate the movement by leading with your elbow and pulling the band toward your hip
  • Maintain control of the band at all times
  • As you bring your hand back down, the tension on the band will release
  • Repeat

Possible Modifications:

  • If you are finding this exercise to be incredibly difficult, and you are losing your form, adjust where you step on the band. By re-positioning the band to have less on the outside of your body, and more on the inside, this will give you more slack on the band and make the exercise easier. You will notice that the band is tighter on the arm resting on your front leg.
  • If this exercise is still too difficult, you may try using a red band. Keep in mind, this band has less resistance. Grip the band accordingly to maintain plenty of tension on the band during this exercise.
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Thursday, 23 January 2020

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