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Form Friday: Sandbag Lateral Squats


Happy Form Friday, Friends! This week, I will be reviewing the Sandbag Lateral Squats! This is an awesome leg exercise, so make sure you challenge yourself with the weight you select. Now, let's get you set-up!

When you perform this exercise, make sure you work both legs. I will demonstrate one side only.

  • Once you grab a sandbag, carefully, place it on your upper back behind your neck and head.
  • Throughout this exercise, make sure to keep your chest upright. TIP: Chest proud. DO NOT let your upper body fold forward. This is bad for your back.
  • This exercise requires you to have a wide-stance. TIP: The wider your stance, the lower you can go.
  • Whichever side your "working" leg is on, make sure to keep that foot pointing forward. TIP: Toes forward. DO NOT let your toes of your working leg point out.
  • The foot of your "off" leg, can point out if it's more comfortable for you.
  • Also, if it feels better on your working knee, you may have that positioned forward more in comparison to your off foot (about heel to toe difference).
  • To protect your back, keep your core engaged.

Remember to Inhale before you lower your body. Exhale as you drive your body away from the floor.

  • On your "working" side, lower your body until your leg creates a right angle. TIP 1: As you lower your body, sit back on that heel to help keep your upper body in the upright position. TIP 2: To make it more challenging, you can "slow the negative" (tempo) as you lower your body and/or you can pause at the bottom. DO NOT let your knee travel passed your toes on your working leg.
  • Keeping your core engaged, push the ground away from you as you raise your body back to start position.
  • Repeat as necessary and make sure you address both sides.

If you find this exercise to be somewhat challenging, there are a couple things you can do.

  • First try reducing the sandbag weight or removing the sandbag all together to perform with bodyweight only.
  • Second, if you have a knee injury and you're still finding this exercise to be challenging, simply try squatting to a depth you can control without pain.
  • Whatever modification you choose, you can still get a great workout by slowing your tempo (on the way down) and pausing at the bottom.

That is it for this week's Form Friday! I truly appreciate your time and for reviewing our Form Friday videos and blogs! If you know anyone that could benefit from PFT's material, please share!

Until next time, make each day awesome!

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Wednesday, 19 February 2020

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