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Form Friday: Reverse Plank Hold and Thrusts


Happy Form Friday, Everyone! Today I will be reviewing two exercises because they are essentially the same thing; one is simply a static hold and the other consists of repetitions. They are the Reverse Plank Hold and Reverse Plank Thrusts. These can be a little awkward, and new to most people, so let's get you set-up!


Reverse Plank Hold:
  • Sit on the floor with your legs extended out in front of you.
  • Place your palms on the floor, with your fingers spread wide. TIP 1: Hands should be slightly back from your body, so that when you're in the up position of this exercise, your shoulders are directly above your wrists. TIP 2: The positioning of your palms should be a little wider than your hips. TIP 3: Have your fingers pointing toward your body, but if this is hard on your wrists, you can rotate your hands so that your fingers point out to the sides.


  • Pressing down on your palms, exhale, and lift your hips, and torso, up toward the ceiling until your body creates a straight line from head to toes.
  • Look up at the ceiling to keep your neck inline with your spine. DO NOT tuck your chin or let your head sag back.
  • Point your toes and keep your arms and legs straight. DO NOT hyperextend your elbows and knees. Your limbs should be straight, but don't force it. TIP: If you notice your legs are completely locked out, raise your knees just slightly to come out of that.
  • Make sure to squeeze your core by pulling your belly button toward your spine and really focus on squeezing your glutes. TIP 1: Focus more on squeezing your glutes, rather than pressing down on your heels. TIP 2: If you are unable to properly squeeze your glutes, your hips are not high enough, so raise your hips even more.

Reverse Plank Thrusts:
The set-up and upward movement are the same. The difference here is that we are going to repetitions.


  • Once you've paused at the top, inhale, and bring your glutes back to the floor in a controlled manner.
  • Quick tap at the bottom and start another repetition. TIP: To stay injury-free, always maintain control of your body at all times. DO NOT simply swing your body up and down.


If you are unable to squeeze your glutes, there is a modification for both the Hold and Thrusts exercises. They are the Superman Holds and Superman Pulses.

  • Flip over onto your chest and stomach.
  • Keep your hands and arms straight out in front of you.
  • Legs extended out behind you.
  • For the Superman Holds: You want to hold-up your limbs and squeeze your glutes. TIP: Make sure you're creating an arc with your entire body.
  • For the Superman Pulses: Similarly, raise-up your limbs, but pause at the top for a second, while squeezing your glutes, then come down in a controlled manner. TIP: Stop just short of your hands and feet touching the floor.
  • Then, pulse back up to start a new repetition.

That completes this week's Form Friday video! I hope this helps! If you know anyone that could benefit from our blogs and videos, please share! Until next time, make each day AWESOME!

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Sunday, 26 January 2020

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