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Pure Form PFT BodyWeight 925


Hello Pure Form PFT'rs! Carl THE Trainer here with the Pure Form PFT Bodyweight 925! If you've ever gone on vacation and been to the hotel gym, you've seen one of the worst examples of fitness equipment… EVER!!! So I have created for you the Bodyweight 925! 

I was in Tahoe and I had a couple of my resistance bands with me, and I wanted to get in a good total body strength core cardio workout. All you need for this workout is one resistance band which weighs less than a pound, plus some good hard will and determination to give it your very best!

Now this work out IS hard, however you can do it! Just make sure you use PURE FORM and all of the movements and you will get a great total body workout that will save you from having to go use the treadmill or elliptical trainer at your hotel gym. Check out the video and get your PFT on no matter where you are!

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Sunday, 15 December 2019

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