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PFT Meal Prep!

PFT Meal Prep!

As has been announced, we have teamed up with a local meal prep company and had them put together 3 meal prep options that are based around our desired macronutrients in our PFT 2.0 Nutrition and Accountability Plan.

  • Winner Winner Chicken dinner: 21 shredded chicken dinners with your choice of Carbs and Veggies. All 21 meals for only $105
  • PFT Pick 7: 7 shredded chicken, 7 ground turkey, and choice of 7 Steak or Tilapia meals. All 21 meals for only $125
  • PFT Breakfast Combo: 7 shredded chicken, 7 ground turkey meals and a new addition includes a breakfast option of 7 Protein Pancakes or Protein Waffles along with 2 turkey sausages and 1/3 cup of scrambled eggs. All 21 meals for only $125


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Saturday, 26 May 2018

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