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Form Friday: Oblique Crunch Sit-ups


Hello, Friends! Happy Form Friday! Today we're reviewing Oblique Crunch Sit-ups. This is a newer core exercise on our PFT Tuesday and Thursday workouts. Let's get you set-up!


  • First, find adequate floor space and lay on your back.
  • Make sure both legs are bent at the knees with feet shoulder-width apart. TIP: Heels down, toes up.
  • If you are working your left obliques, have your left arm straight out at your side; perpendicular to the rest of your body.
  • Your right arm is bent with your hand lightly behind your head. TIP: Throughout this exercise, never apply any pressure with this hand to the back of your head as this is bad for your neck. DO NOT push your head forward.
  • Flex your abs and glutes to protect your back.


  • Initiate with an exhale to fully engage your core muscles.
  • Keep your supporting arm extended as you raise your upper body up diagonally. Twist to the left until you are looking straight down at your left hip.
    TIP 1: Remember, Curl-up diagonally and tightly tuck down. DO NOT rise straight up.
    TIP 2: At the top of this movement, your elbow will be pointing out to the side.
    TIP 3: Make sure you come up off your elbow and prop yourself up with your hand. DO NOT rest on your forearm.
  • Lastly, inhale and retrace your path back down to complete the repetition.
  • Make sure you do the other side as well.

If, for any reason, you are unable to complete this exercise with proper form, you may modify with Half Curl-up Twists.

  • You still want to curl-up diagonally and tightly tuck down, but you will not be coming up as high.
  • Stay lower on your extended arm and raise your shoulder blade off the ground of your bent arm.
  • Retrace your path back down to complete the repetition.
  • Make sure you do the other side as well.

Thank you so much for reading this week's Form Friday blog! I hope this helps your workout! Until next week, make each day AWESOME!

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Wednesday, 19 February 2020

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