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Mindset Monday: Take stock of your year!


First off let me just say Merry Christmas! I hope this week is filled with memories of great times with loving family and friends.

This week I want to talk to you all about your year. How has this year been for you? Take an hour or so and write down all the monumental events or whatever comes to mind. The Good, The “Bad”, The Boring…

Take a look at it! Write it down! Obviously, take all those good and great things and write them down as a blessing. Thank God for those moments of Grace where everything came together and what resulted lies in your memory as a “Good” or “great” time had by all.

Now take a look at all those “Not so Good” times, each one. You made it! You survived! And surviving any troubling time or trial in your life has probably changed you in some way. I know at times, we can let these hard times take over and bring us down. But don’t let it!!!

My challenge for you this week, shoot the whole year, is to look at your trials as opportunities to grow and become stronger!

Stronger in all ways!
Stronger in your work!
Stronger in your mind!
Stronger in your body!
Stronger in your faith!

Merry Christmas!!!

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Thursday, 23 January 2020

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