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Mindset Monday: Make Your Day a Pure Form Day


Make Your Day a Pure Form Day EveryDay!!!

What makes PFT so special? Well, The #PFTfamily, that’s what. I mean it’s different. PFT is not just another big gym where you can just sneak in and no one will talk to you and you can go hide with your headphones on and just go to the “cardio confessional” row of treadmills and ellipticals! NOPE you will not get that at PFT. You will be greeted with a warm “hey what’s up” and a high five or any other random salutation from your trainer. As well as the greetings you get from the rest of the crew of awesome PFT-ers! And that’s just the beginning of how the PFT family can and will effect your life.

So I wanted to share with you all today what a Pure Form day looks like and how you too can live the #PFTlifestyle every day! At PFT we have just introduced these awesome calendars that have all the PFT challenges, fundraisers, fit tests, and benefits listed as well as every day laid out for your to keep track of your own PFT Awesomeness daily!!!

We also want you to track every PFT day on your calendar to have a daily reminder of just how awesome you really are! Now what exactly makes a “Perfect PFT” day? Well here’s what I want you all to do. On every day draw an X through the circle. And take some colored pens to fill in each wedge shape on the calendar with your goals for the day!

Your first goal of every day is to get at least ONE PFT workout in and I want you to fill in that top wedge with RED because you know that any PFT workout puts your heart in the RED zone LOL.

Your second goal of the day is to get your 96 oz of water daily! So when you reach that goal for the day you color that wedge with the color blue, because its water right?!

Your third goal of the day is to meet your PFT meal goal. Whether your goal is 1 or 2 PFT meals per day or if you are trying the full 28 Day ReBoot, if you reach your food goal fill in that wedge with a brown pen. I’ll let you imagine why the color for food is brown LOL!

And your final wedge is what separates PFT from your normal big gyms out there. As I mentioned before, we are a family we do more for you when you come in to PFT and we also do more for the communities we belong to. So your final goal for every day is to take the Pure Form Mindset out into your own community. We want you to be the light in the darkness. Do something for someone you don’t know. Perform 1 random act of kindness every day. And then take a yellow pen and fill in your last wedge yellow. Yellow to represent sunshine like the light you are bringing into the life of your community.

We are taking that next step. We are taking The PFT System outside the gym. Because, it’s more than just fitness. We are more than just a group of people that do workouts and sweat, A LOT! Pure Form is more than just working out and making changes just to your body. We want Pure Form to be synonymous with Honor, Integrity, Community, Kindness, Building Strong Bodies and Stronger Minds! So help us bring the PFT Lifestyle to everyone inside and outside the gym.

Make your life Awesome and help make the life of others Awesome! Now THAT is the Perfect PFT Day!

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Sunday, 26 January 2020

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