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Mindset Monday: Just The Way You Are

Airbrushed Abs Covers

Stop comparing your insides, and your worth to the outsides of some model on the cover of some “fitness” magazine. Or your friend on Snap-Book, Insta-Chat, or Face-Gram, with their “filtered” selfies all up and down the page!!!

Our society is driven by the almighty dollar and every one of those magazines is trying to sell you something!

We’ve all seen the magazine rack at the supermarket with claims like “15 muscle building tips” or “amazing abs in only 10 minutes” and on the over is some man or woman with single digit body fat and a body that is to “die” for...

Can I tell you something...? Most of that is not real. Yeah sure they put a lot of hard work in the gym and built some muscle and tried to lean out as best they can. But those models don’t live like that all year. And what they have to do to get that lean and stay that lean is not the best thing for your overall health and sanity!!!

You want to see how a lot of those “abs” are so “defined”? Its called airbrush and oil!!! Here is a pic from a book you can buy online to show you how to do it as a job!

airbrush abs

A quote from this persons website says “airbrush abs” is a huge request from nearly every client.

Here are some of the magazines and models she’s worked with:

airbrushed magazine covers

You are awesome - just the way you are!

Most of us work for a living and have families and responsibilities!  We can’t all spend 4 hours in the gym and micromanage our dieting or have someone cook our meals for us. 

So stop comparing your insides and how “worthy” you are by what someone else looks like from the outside! They don’t live in your shoes! If you want to measure your worth by something, measure your worth by how hard you work at what you want and how much you give back and do for others! Now this may be a “come to jesus” moment to some of you. You may realize that you can and should do more and be more… but, you can do it! All it takes is a little determination and a “family” of people that are all focusing on the same thing… being awesome-er every day! Kind of like your local #pftfamily working hard and getting #bettereveryday

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Wednesday, 26 February 2020

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