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Mindset Monday: Fan into Flame the Gift of God 2 Timothy 1:6


We have all been given a gift, a talent, a passion, something we are "called" to do more than anything else. Today, on the PFT Mindset Monday, I challenge you to get up and use it! Use your gift to the fullest!

Have you ever felt like you could or should be doing more? Well, you're right! You should! I should! We ALL can and should be doing more!

It doesn't matter who you are or where you come from or how much money you do or don't have!

We have all been given a spiritual gift, or two or more, that we can and should do with a fervor and passion that goes above and beyond.

If you don't already know what your spiritual gift is, I encourage you to pick up a Bible and discover what it is! Romans Chapter 12 has a great list of Spiritual Gifts. And once you have found your gift, share it! Find a group that you can work, with so all your gifts compliment the others' gifts and together you can be more than just the sum of your parts. We have a great group of PFTfamily members who are #BetterTogether!

So listen, stop wasting your time trying to build up earthly treasure. For I believe we have all been given this one short chance here on earth to be and do something more than just survive, work for 40 years, retire and die.

I believe we each have a path set for us. It took me 40 years to find it but now that I have found the true meaning for the gifts God has given me, I refuse to just sit idly by and let them just smolder any longer.

Today and Every Day I will light my gifts on Fire for The Lord and I challenge and encourage you to do the same!

God Bless You
Carl the Servant

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Thursday, 23 January 2020

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