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January 2019 Keto Challenge Wrapup: Congratulations!

The January 2019 Keto challenge was a huge success. This challenge was highlighted as a way to get your year started in the right direction and for about 50 individuals it did just that.

January 5th we started this challenge with a pre-challenge seminar where each participant learned the ins/out of the Keto diet as well as all of the myths circling the internet. They were also given instruction on how to navigate our PFT 21 Day Keto Meal plan. They were coached on how to shop effectively, how to prepare meals, and how to plan out their week.

Each participant voluntarily started the challenge with a fit 3D body scan to show their beginning measurements, weight, and fat mass. Clients were not judged on these measurements knowing full and well that everyone’s body changes differently. Each week our groups met to discuss how the previous weeks efforts went and to share failures and celebrate successes. They also checked in on the 3D scanner weekly so that they could see in detail how their bodies and metabolism were changing.

To sum it all up, it was again a huge success. Most people who participated lost 8-12 pounds in just 21 days. The best thing I heard was that it changed people’s food habits from grabbing whatever is quick and easy to taking a little extra time and actually knowing what goes in your body. We are already planning our next Keto challenge for May so that everyone can get summer ready.

Here are some people we would like to highlight, with their results:

Eric Jacobsen

  • -2.9% BF
  • -6.9lbs
  • -8.3lbs fat mass
  • +1.3 lean mass

Andrea Mogler

  • -7.6 lbs
  • -2.7% BF
  • -10lbs fat mass

Gaye Hombaker

  • -8 lbs
  • -1.6% BF
  • -6.3 lbs fat mass
  • +1.7lbs lean mass

Jaclyn Kaler

  • -9.4 lbs
  • -3.1% BF
  • Total 7.7 inches lost

Felicia Cabanig

  • -1.6% BF
  • -8.7lbs
  • -6.2 fat mass
  • +2.6 lean mass

I lost only a few pounds because it’s inconsistent. More importantly I am sooooo happy this has kick started me being active and going to the gym! Feeling energetic......despite my crazy work schedule.

Katy Lotty
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Thursday, 23 January 2020

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