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Bite Size Break Down: Is alcohol sabotaging your Fat Loss and Fitness Goals?


I’m sure we all remember and can point out all the studies saying that ONE glass of wine a day is shown to reduce chances of Heart disease! I remember everyone jumping up for joy here in the wine capital of California! Here’s a link to a story about it:

But just this past week there was a report saying that any alcohol consumption is bad because the risks of injury and other diseases far outweighs the possible benefits for ONE glass of wine. My answer is how many times do you stop at just one glass? Here’s one of the reports:

But I heard on the radio that the numbers were like 4 out of 100,000 or some huge number like that. And their response was “it may be small but any chance is worth talking about”~ and don’t’ show me your 32 oz glass!!! That’s NOT what they mean by ONE glass.

I’m not here to argue the positive or negative effect of alcohol on your cardiovascular health or any injury risk with drinking. I want to talk about your digestion and what alcohol does to your metabolic processes when you drink ANY alcohol.

First off, let’s start with the fact that the FIRST thing to go is your judgement when drinking begins. And that usually starts with the food we choose to eat when the drinks start flowing. So you start with a couple drinks and then the chips and dips and pizza and etc etc etc starts!!!

Well alcohol is toxic to your body and almost all other metabolic processes stop when you drink. So all the focus of the liver is spent metabolizing the alcohol you are consuming and ANY food you have eaten or will eat gets pushed off in your body as FAT!!! See it takes around 10 hours for your body to process the alcohol you consume. So, ALL the calories, even the “Nutritious” ones, are converted primarily to FAT!!!

As evidence to what alcohol does to your body, ever had a hangover? Understand that the reason you feel bad is because your body is just trying to recover of the chemical abuse you are putting it through and trying to heal itself. Also, maybe trying to give you a hint that you shouldn’t do THAT again.

Now, I’m not trying to make everyone stop drinking. I’m just trying to let you know that maybe the reason you are struggling to see that six pack or that definition in your arms is cause by the empty calories and toxic effects of alcohol.

And if you just decide to fast while you drink so you can get your drink on without getting FAT I suggest we have a talk about a whole other problem.

Knowledge is Power and NOW YOU KNOW!!!
Carl the servant

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Wednesday, 19 February 2020

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