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How bad do you want it?


Listen, wherever you are in your fitness journey or your desire to start your fitness journey, or anything you have decided to do…

Your success is directly related to your willingness to commit, work and sacrifice to get it! For most of us it didn’t take 6 weeks to get the body you have so it’s not going to be the body you want in only 6 weeks either!

That’s where commitment, focus, sacrifice and strategy come into play.

How willing are you to get the body you want? Or the job you want? Or the diploma you want? How willing are you?

You see there is no magic bullet! No two shake a day “DIE-t”! No quick fix to your problem, whatever it is!!! Set a goal, make a plan, and execute!!!

On the physical transformation level, we are talking about training 6 days a week, of quality training! You don’t need 3 hours of cardio a day! Get off the treadmill people! Metabolic Resistance Training (google it) aka The PFT System, is the best bang for your buck training system for true fitness, not being super skinny or a bodybuilder!

We are also talking about cutting out processed “Hyper-palatable” foods that trick you into thinking you are still hungry when you really aren’t, and adding as much whole, God-made, food as you can into your daily plan to create a healthy environment internally.

And finally, we are talking about support! Social support from your friends, your family and your gym family is key to helping you commit to being The Very Best You, you can be!!!

The #PureFormPFT has all the tools necessary for you to achieve the body you want, and the #PFTfamily will help you get there, but YOU have to do the work.

So stop sabotaging yourself and be willing to commit everything you have to be The Very Best you can be, because you’re worth it!!!

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Wednesday, 19 February 2020

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