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Form Friday: TRX Hip Rockers


Hello, Friends! This week, I will breakdown the steps for completing the TRX Hip Rockers! This is a fantastic core exercise, if completed successfully. Let's get you set-up!

Getting into Position (If you watched my Form Friday video for the TRX Alternating Knee to Chest exercise, you'll notice this exercise has a very similar position set-up.)

  • Place your toes of both feet into both TRX straps.
  • Double check the TRX straps hang perfectly vertical from the top. DO NOT let your position on the floor allow the straps to be pushed away from you or pulled toward you. TIP: Reposition your body on the floor to correct.
  • Once off your knees, flex your feet towards your body and lockout your legs. TIP: This will allow more control over your legs and keep your body inline. DO NOT let your legs and feet go limp, as this may cause your back to arch; possibly causing injury.
  • Throughout this exercise, protect your back by flexing your core and glutes.
  • Rest on your forearms with your hands separated. Make sure your elbows create a right angle. TIP: Keep your forearms and hands parallel to each other. DO NOT position your hands together, as this is bad for your shoulders.
  • Your head should stay in a neutral position; keeping your neck inline with your spine.
  • Throughout this exercise, focus on keeping your feet “glued” together in a vertical position. DO NOT let your feet rotate onto their sides when you twist your hips. This is something PFT Coaches commonly see.
The Movement
  • To initiate this exercise, exhale and twist your hips to one side. TIP 1: Make sure the rest of your body is staying static. All the movement is in your hips. TIP 2: Exhaling allows you to optimally engage your core muscles.
  • Inhale, as you untwist your hips back to square (facing forward).
  • Exhale again, as you twist your hips in the opposite direction (other side).
  • Repeat as necessary and keep alternating sides.

If you are unable to perform this exercise with perfect form, there are a couple things you can do instead:

  • Modification 1: If the difficulty level is currently too high, you can perform this exercise out of the TRX straps with your feet on the ground. The movement is the same.
  • Modification 2: If you need additional back support, you may substitute the Bicycles core exercise instead.
    • On the ground, place your hands lightly positioned behind your head. DO NOT push your head forward.
    • Exhale with every twist to engage your core muscles.
    • Allow the opposing elbow and knee to meet.
    • Keep switching sides and pedaling with your feet.

Thank you so much for taking the time to watch this week's Form Friday! I hope you are having an amazing week! Until next time, keep being AWESOME!!

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Wednesday, 19 February 2020

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