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Form Friday: Spideys

Spidey Form

Hey PFT Family! I just wanted to share with you the proper form and cues you can give yourself for a couple great core moves we are doing this month at PFT! 

The “Regular” and “Dark” Spidey. These functional and focused core moves are great ways to add stability, form and taper to your torso. We all like the thought of a trim waist and lean hips right?! This move, done correctly, will help you strengthen your core for better function in ALL your movements, not just your PFT moves!

Now remember, we want ALL moves to be done with intent! And by that I mean every strength move we do at PFT is done for a purpose! So here are a couple ground rules for your Spideys:

  • First, off: BREATHE! Use your forceful exhale as the initial movement before you even lift your foot off the ground. This will help to engage your abdominal muscles rather than your hip flexors, and will also help tighten your core without making your belly bigger.
  • Slow Down: Unless we say go fast, ALL core moves are STRENGTH moves! So take your time and really feel the muscles contracting, or “Embrace the Pain.”
  • Make sure your head is in front of your hands and your hips are flat. A good cue is “Shoulders, Hips, and Knees in one line.”
  • HOLD at the TOP: When you reach the end of your Range of Motion (the top), give yourself a half-second hold. This will engage the muscles even more and will start to build endurance in the muscles, allowing you to do more, better!

Regular Spideys

For this move we focus on the external obliques primarily; your shoulders and quads will also get some work in there.

First, set yourself up in the proper position: head in front of hands and hips in line.

Second, begin your exhale as you bring the knee up and out towards your shoulder, elbow, or triceps depending on your flexibility. Tuck your chin to that shoulder and look at that knee as it comes up.

Third, give us a HOLD and repeat.

Dark Spideys

For this move we focus on the internal obliques primarily; your shoulders and quads will also get some work in there.

  • First, set yourself up again in the proper position.
  • Second, as you begin your exhale, rotate your hips and bring the knee to your opposite elbow or triceps. As you rotate your hips, make sure your shoulders remain square and your head stays in the middle.
  • Third, give us a good HOLD and repeat.

So there you have it! Spideys are a fantastic way to improve your core strength and endurance! 

Now go out there, give your life and your fitness “Your Very Best” and be Awesome!

And if you want some help seeing those abs under your “winter insulation” check out our Intermittent Fasting Blog here:

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Sunday, 26 January 2020

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