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Form Friday: Curtsy Squats


At PFT, the most important thing is form! If it's on-point, it will reflect in your progress and keep you injury free! Today, let's go over the TRX Curtsy Squats!

Getting Into Position:

  1. Grab both straps with both hands.
  2. Throughout this exercise, keep arms extended. Do not bend your elbows.
  3. To prepare for the squat, keep your body inline and lean back about 5-10 degrees.
  4. Place the foot of your working leg toward the center of your body.
These last two steps will allow you to keep your arms extended and chest upright as you progress down into the squat. TIP: Core tight, glutes tight.

Once You Begin:

  1. As you descend into the squat, your Stabilizing Leg should come down into a right angle (90 degrees). TIP: Think of sitting in a chair.
  2. With your Off Leg, lead with your foot.
  3. This leg should come down and move behind your Stabilizing Leg until your back knee passes your front leg. This will activate your glutes! TIP: Squat and sweep.
  4. Remember! At the bottom, keep your chest upright and do not let your glutes sag to the ground. Your back leg should hoover just above the ground. Do not let it rest on the floor.
  5. Next, retrace your path out of the repetition.
  6. Once the rep. is almost complete, keep a slight bend in your Stabilizing Leg and start a new repetition. This will keep the tension on your leg muscles.


If you have knee injuries, there are several exercises you can substitute for the Curtsy Squats.

  • Option 1: Pistol Squats. Using the TRX handles as support, keep one leg up and out in front, while the other leg supports your entire body.
  • Option 2: Reverse Lunges. Using the TRX handles as support, keep your chest tall and lunge one leg back to come to a split squat angle.
  • Option 3: TRX Squats. If you are still experiencing pain in your knees, you may also complete standard TRX Squats dispersing your weight over both knees.

As always, I hope this helps! If you are ever unsure that you are practicing the correct form, make sure you ask your Coach. They can guide you on the right path!

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