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Form Friday: Bench Twists


Happy Form Friday, Friends! I have another core exercise for you! In this blog, I will be explaining Bench Twists! If you are a PFT member, this exercise is on our Friday's workout for the month of October. Let's get you set-up!

Getting into Position

  • For this exercise you will need a bench.
  • Sit down on the bench. Then, lay on your back.
  • With both hands, grab the bench on either sides of your head. TIP: Your elbows will be pointing toward the ceiling.
  • Raise both legs up together, so they start the exercise in a vertical position. TIP: Feet point toward the ceiling.

The Movement

  • Flex your core muscles and glutes to protect your back.
  • Initiate the exercise with an exhale to better engage your core.
  • Simultaneously, as you lift your glutes up and off of the bench, twist your hips in the direction instructed to by your Coach (Ex: left-side only, right-side only or alternating sides). TIP 1: This is a “corkscrew” motion. TIP 2: Drive your feet toward the ceiling. DO NOT bend your knees. DO NOT kick to the side with your feet at the top of the movement.
  • Inhale. Then, in a controlled motion, untwist and lower your body to complete the repetition.
  • Repeat as necessary.

If you are unable to complete this exercise with good form; that's okay! There are a couple possible modifications you can substitute with:

1. Reverse Curl Kicks

  • Set-up is the same.
  • Drive your knees to your chin.
  • At the top, kick laterally (to the side). TIP: Lead with your hips.
  • Extend your feet back out until your heels tap down and repeat.

2. Oblique Kicks

  • At the end of your bench, raise your knees to your chest.
  • At the top, kick laterally (to the side). TIP 1: Pretend you're trying to kick a spider off your shoes. TIP 2: If you have brought your knees up high enough, your obliques will feel like they may cramp up.
  • Extend your feet back out and repeat.

Thank you so much for reading my Form Friday blog! I hope this helps your workouts be more efficient! Until next week, make each day AWESOME!

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Wednesday, 19 February 2020

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