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Form Friday: Bench Split Squats


Happy Friday, Friends! This week, I will be going over Split Squats using a bench. If you are a Pure Form PFT member, this is on your Wednesday's workout.

Setting-up properly for Split Squats is one of the most important things for this exercise! It can mean the difference between staying injury-free, or causing injury. Let's go over this together, so you are set-up for success!

Getting into Position (VERY Important):

  1. With a Split Squat, you will have one foot on the ground and one up on the bench behind you.
  2. You must step your front foot far enough away from the bench, that you back foot just barely reaches the bench; with you back knee slightly bent.
  3. TIP: There should be a large gap between your front foot and the bench. DO NOT stand close to the bench, with little gap. You will not be able to squat down very far.
    TIP: The farther you are away from the bench, the lower you will be able to go in the squat.

  4. If you are holding a weight, such as a dumbbell, make sure the weight is in the opposing hand to your lead foot. (Example: Your left foot is in front on the ground, therefore your dumbbell is in your right hand; hanging.)
  5. Once your feet and weight are in position, and you are facing away from the bench, you are almost ready to begin.
  6. Last steps are to keep your chest upright, core muscles engaged and glutes flexed! DO NOT let your chest dip forward and shoulders round.

The Movement:

  1. Keeping your chest upright, inhale and squat straight down.
  2. Stop your descent; once your front leg creates a 90 degree angle. TIP: Double check that your front knee DOES NOT move forward passed your front foot. This is very important! We do not want this; as it could cause knee injuries.
  3. To come out of the repetition, keep your core tight, butt tight, exhale, and rise straight up. TIP: Think of pushing the ground away from you.
  4. Stop just short of your front leg straightening out. TIP: Keep a slight bend in your knee to keep tension on your muscles.
  5. Repeat and switch sides once your have completed the first side.


If you have any injuries that do not allow you to do this exercise with the assistance of a bench, here are a few things you can try:

  1. If using the bench is too difficult, do the Split Squats on the ground. TIP: Make sure your back leg is far enough back that you are able to get low. The key is to get your back knee to come down a couple inches just short of hitting the floor.
  2. Next you may try simply letting go of your weight and preforming this exercise with body weight only.
  3. Lastly, try preforming the Split Squat at a more shallow depth.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read about this exercise! I hope you are having a fantastic week! Keep being Awesome!

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Wednesday, 19 February 2020

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