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Form Friday: Double Press to Triceps Extension

double press to triceps extension

You do it all the time, but are you doing it right? Renee teaches us how to do the double press to triceps extension safely, plus a couple of modifications.

This combo movement has to two exercises: the Shoulder Press and Triceps Extension.

  1. Holding the dumbbell by both ends, start with the dumbbell on your chest.
  2. Keeping your core and glutes engaged, raise the dumbbell until your biceps are in-line with your ears.
  3. Starting the second part of this exercise: the Triceps Extension. Keep your biceps static and elbows in.
  4. Then, bend and extend the dumbbell down behind your head and back up.
  5. Finishing the Shoulder Press, lower the dumbbell back down to your chest; in the starting position.
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Sunday, 15 December 2019

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