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Bite-Sized Breakdown: Members Only Content


Happy #PFTfamily "Bite-Sized" Breakdown Wednesday!

I know you are probably expecting to see Michael up here but he is working on something super special for yall next week. So today you get the "flounder" LOL! Today I wanted to talk to you about all the benefits you get at PFT besides the awesome training at The PFT Family. I'm talking about your back office "Members Only" content!

This treasure cove of bonus material is pretty unheard of in the fitness industry! Most facilities will up charge you for benefits like these and I have had some bloggers literally tell me I am throwing money away. Well, so be it!!! I love my PFT Family and want you to have THE VERY BEST!!!

So let me take you on a tour:

First your welcome page: These videos here include your welcome to PFT with a few of your coaches. Along with two great videos by "Mad Dog" Joel Flynn covering the Goal cards and the PFT Calendar.

Second we have video examples of your entire workout month. Heather (my fantastic, loving, beautiful wife) and I go over the entire month of workouts and the moves to show you correct form.

Third we have the nutrition plans and guides: The PFT Nutrition guide walks you step by step through our 28 day ReBoot Guide.  This guide help you create a new relationship with food. FOOD IS NOT YOUR ENEMY!!! You can learn what a "Pure Form" meal looks like and literally how to "ReBoot" your system to start seeing those changes in your body you deserve with all the hard work we do here at PFT. Right alongside the PDF is a little bite size breakdown video by my boy Michael talking about each page of the PDF!!!

In this section we also have laid out for you a 6 week PFT Paleo nutrition guide that has EVERYTHING you need from shopping list to recipes! IF you like to cook, this plan is for you!!!

Finally, we have the in house Fit3D body composition scanner that combines thousands of High Def pics to give you body comp numbers comparable to Dexa scan. With those numbers we can set you up with a macro nutrient tracking plan that will set you up with a  detailed success plan to reach your goals in record time!!!

So, add that to your membership to The PFT Family and you have the perfect recipe for success!!!

All you have to do is just that... DO IT, USE IT, and CRUSH IT!!!

Form Friday: Curtsy Squats
Form Friday: Alternating Reverse Twist-ups

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