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Bite-Sized Breakdown: Escaping the "DIET Mentality"


"Don't eat past 6 p.m...or else!!"
"Oh, man. The Holidays are coming up and I love the food, but I know I'm going to get properly fluffy."
"You know carbs are evil, right?!"
"You know fats will make you fat, right?!"
"Don't even get me started on eggs, meat, milk, bacon and {insert other "evil" food here}!"

I cannot say this loudly enough, "FOOD SHOULD NOT BE FEARED!"

Food should not be judged, demonized, glorified or blamed. It should only be...what it is. Food is a biological necessity to keep us alive...and it's AWESOME! Food tastes like magic, gives us energy and provides the hormones and mechanisms of the body the material and building blocks they need; to do what they do best.

So...we should just eat food and enjoy life, right? Everything should fall into place and optimal health will always be just one bite away.

It's not that simple it?

However, what if I told you that "food" isn't the problem at all. Food isn't why you gain unwanted body weight (Shut your mouth trainer boy! You don't know me.).

If it's not food though, then what is it? You may want to sit down for this. The truth can be a heavy load to bear.

To find the answer, we need look no further than above our necks and just below our gloriously fabulous hair. It's your mind, my friend. The issues lie within your thoughts...your perspectives toward food and the relationship you have with yourself.

NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! Anything, but self-reflection. Can't we just keep blaming food and our slow metabolism? Nope, nada, no sir...NOT on my watch.

As complex as this subject can be, let's simplify it (hence the blog title) to avoid going down the proverbial rabbit hole. If we recognize thoughts, which lead to actions and turn into habits; then we can intercept them and break the pattern before it's set into motion.

The first step, is becoming more aware. With that in mind, let's take a look at the common traits of a "Diet Mindset" vs. the "Lifestyle Mindset".


  • Focused on results and outcomes
  • Appearance over substance
  • Thinking you have to starve yourself to get results
  • The weight scale determines your mood and self-worth
  • Self-critical
  • Restricting "bad foods" because they are evil
  • Fearing events, holidays, social activities, etc. because of lack of control
  • Believing in excuses over decisions
  • Putting an "end date" on your approach
  • Self-denial
  • Over emphasizing every meal, slip-up and set-back
  • Giving up and starting over...rinse and repeat (Yo-Yo dieting...YO)

Results: Lack of confidence, lack of control, short-term results, mental exhaustion, depression, health issues, weakened metabolism, confusion, wasted time and worst of step closer to giving up forever.


  • Self-compassion and emotional calm
  • Process focused
  • Views the scale as a partial tool to gauge progress (nothing more)
  • Strives for a well balanced dietary strategy that fits their lifestyle
  • Thinks of strategies to stay on track during holidays, social events, etc.
  • Practices self-control and self-discipline
  • Inner well-being
  • Prizes long-term sustainability over short-term enthusiasm
  • Understands health living is forever

Results: Confidence, self-acceptance, inner calm, mental and physical energy, robust metabolism, clarity of path, long-term results, getting better every day and best of all...many steps closer to self-love and true joy.

To be fair, this entire process will take time, experimentation, education and above all patience. But every story's end has a beginning. Often times, the very first step in making a life-long change is recognizing our thoughts and learning how those "thoughts" lead to actions. The problem very rarely lies in the end result, but in the numerous mini-steps that quietly guide us either closer or further away from our intended path.

Bite-Sized Breakdown:

Going from diet to diet is like "hooking up". You are always looking for the next best thing and never truly satisfied. Using a lifestyle dietary strategy (based around self-love) is like getting married. It's cemented in principles, self-compassion, consistent discipline and understanding.

When we slip up, it's OK. People make mistakes. Every day, every meal, every single bite is another chance to get right back on track toward our health and fitness goals. We are in this for the long haul and one moment of lack of control or purposeful indulgence, won't make or break our journey.

We tend to fear things that we don't understand. Once we begin to truly understand ourselves, then that fear of food will fade away and be replaced with the cooling calm of self-discipline, self compassion and emotional control.

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Wednesday, 19 February 2020

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