be at peace vlog

Hey guys, this is Carl the servant coming to you with your mindset Monday! Listen, we just got done with Thanksgiving, and I wanted to talk to you about spreading the joy! As you look back on your Thanksgiving weekend I hope it was filled with loving thankful memories with your family. The mindset I would like us to try to carry forward is that same mindset of thankfulness for everything that we have. And with that it brings me to a post I shared on Sunday about Ephesians chapter 4:31&32.

So, I ask you to put away all resentments, hate, envy, wrath and just be nice to each other. Be nice to the person next year be helpful to the person next to you and ask for peace. And then forgive one another, as it says in the final verse 32, forgive one another just as God for gave you through his son Jesus Christ.

Now when I talk about peace and forgiveness, I’m also talking about you forgiving and being at peace with yourself. Maybe you had a bad Thanksgiving and you ate way too much food, give yourself a break! You are perfect just the way you are! Don’t try to live up to anyone else’s standard, or idea of what you should be, because God already loves you just away you are! So, be at peace with the world and be at peace with yourself just the way you are! And if you need help, just pray for peace! IT WORKS! We drove home from Solvang yesterday, and you know I-5 can get crazy! But, I prayed for peace and you know what happened? I was at peace for almost every second of that trip! You can be at peace to, all you have to do is ask! And God will give it to you!

Now Go Out There and Be AWESOME!!!

Yours in Health and Fitness
Carl the servant