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Form Friday: An extra stretch to help your recovery!


In case you’ve ever wondered how to effectively increase your flexibility without spending an extra hour in some other class.

Before you stretch, make sure you are warmed up! Never stretch a cold muscle. If you include this stretching routine after every workout, it will help!

First off this is active/resistance stretching. This type of stretching is done in a way that allows your body to stretch itself as you push and pull the muscles.

  • Stretch one: put your left foot through the band, put your right thumb through the opposite end of the band. Grab the middle of the band with your left hand. Then, bring your left elbow down to the ground and extend your right arm 90° straight out to the ground. Then bend your left knee as you flex your hip, bringing your Left knee towards your left arm pit, and then you drive your heel up toward the ceiling. This provides a stretch to the hamstring and the calf on your left leg. Do this 15 to 30 times, and do it slow. Try to hold at the top for 1 to 2 seconds.

  • Stretch two: very simply you just open your leg out to the side and do the same movement with your left knee bending and flexing of your hip. Bring the knee toward your armpit but this time you extend your foot out to the side as low as you can leading with your heel, and turning your toe down. This will again stretch the calf in your left leg but also activate a stretch in your adductors (inner thigh).

  • Stretch three: now this time you were going to switch your hands. Stick your left thumb through the band and extend your arms straight out to the side at 90°. Grab the middle of the band with your right hand and pull that elbow down to the ground. You then bend the hip and the knee toward the left arm put again and extend it out across your body, turning your toe down toward the ground. This stretch will activate your IT band and get a really good painful LOL stretch!

When you finish, you simply move on to the other side and repeat!

The other type of stretch includes a bench which is like a hurdler stretch. For the stretch you will need either a bench or your couch or your bed. Simply sit on the side of your bed/bench and extend your right leg straight, bringing your left foot as far back as you can if not on top of the bench/bed behind you.

  • Part one: reach for your right toes with your left hand. If you cannot reach her toes you can reach your lower leg and pull yourself down toward the toes. Hold the stretch for one minute or longer. DO NOT BOUNCE!!! This is a passive stretch.

  • Part two: For this you simply lean back stretching out the quad and hip flexor of your left leg which is either as far behind you as it can reach on the ground or up on the bench behind you. Again hold the stretch for up to a minute and then switch sides!

I hope this helps and PLEASE let me know if you’d like tips on anything else we do here at Pure Form PFT!

Now go out there, be awesome, and share this with anyone you think could benefit!
God bless you!

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Thursday, 23 January 2020

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