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Form Friday: Alternating Super(man) Toe Touches


This is another amazing core exercise and is very similar to the Alternating Star Toe Touches. If you have not seen this instructional video, please search our blog section for it!

The Alternating Super Toe Touches is an exercise on PFT's Tuesday's and Thursday's workouts for the month of October.

Let's get you set up!

Getting into Position:

  • Feet out wide
  • On the floor, lay on your back
  • Keep your arms extended (locked-out) and hands together above your upper body. TIP: Create a triangle shape with your arms.
  • Keep your core and glutes flexed to protect your back

The Movement:

  • Initiate with an exhale to better engage your core muscles
  • At the same time that you raise your upper body and drag your hands up your quad. and shin, raise one leg up toward your hands. TIP 1: This is a slight diagonal movement. TIP 2: Your hands and foot should meet. TIP 3: Try to have a short pause at the top.
  • Next, inhale as you retrace your path back down, dragging your hands along your shin and quad
  • Switch sides


  • If you are performing this exercise in one of our PFT classes; part of the time, you will be holding this exercise in the UP position. TIP: After your hands and foot have met, and it's time to hold, lean back about 10 degrees with your upper body (keeping hands and foot still touching). This is where the hold will be the most challenging.


If this exercise is too difficult to complete with proper form; that's okay! There is a modification for this.

  • Instead of raising your upper body all the way up, you can complete a half curl-up motion (only raising your shoulder blades off the ground). TIP 1: Make sure there is extra focus with extending your foot further forward. TIP 2: Still focus on dragging your hands up and down the front of your leg. Complete this modified version until your core is strong enough to come all the way up.

That's all for this week! Thank you for reading this blog! I hope this helps your workouts become more efficient!

If you know anyone that could benefit from our Form Friday videos, please share! Until next time, make each day AWESOME!

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Wednesday, 26 February 2020

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