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Form Friday: Alternating Star Toe Touches


Hey, PFT Family! Here is another Form Friday edition! Today we are going over the Alternating Star Toe Touches. This is on your Tuesday's workout. Now, let's get you set-up for success!

Getting Into Position:

Once you are on the ground, make sure your legs are wide and both arms are straight out on either sides of your body. Do not keep your body in a straight line. Your palms are facing down.

TIP: Essentially, you are in a “star” position.

Once You Begin:

Exhale to initiate the movement. This will allow you to optimally engage your core muscles. At the same time, raise up one hand and its opposing foot.

TIP: Both should meet at the top.

TIP: You are essentially performing a diagonal Full Curl-up. Do not rise straight up like a regular Full Curl-up. Your movement should be diagonal; allowing your core to twist. Make sure your torso comes up off the ground. 

The arm behind you acts as a supporting limb. As you bring your torso up, your back arm should stay extended and slide up on the turf.

Something I commonly see, is the supporting arm is in front of the body. Instead, keep it behind you to support your upper body and help you reach up further. To complete your repetition, retrace the same path by sliding back down before switching sides.


If you are unable to reach all the way up into this exercise with good form, there are a couple things you can do!

Option 1: Progression. Keep your supporting arm or elbow down until you are able to come all the way up.

Option 2: Bicycles. Do this, if you still need assistance, or have a shoulder injury. This creates a similar movement.

  • Lay on your back.
  • Opposing elbow and knee meet in the middle.
  • Exhale with every twist.

TIP: Your shoulder blades should be off the ground.

TIP: If you have placed your hands behind you head, do not push your head forward as this could cause injury.

 I hope this helps! Thank you for taking the time to read this! Keep being awesome!

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Wednesday, 19 February 2020

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