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Form Friday: Adding to your Core Work!


We do a lot of core work here at PFT! In fact, even when we aren’t doing a specific core move, we are still working our core for stability during 100% of all the moves at PFT!!! And often times you will hear your trainer saying pull your belly button toward the floor or “tuck it”.

So today I want to talk about two things: The Belly Scoop: how to do it, and how to incorporate it into everything we do at PFT.

The Belly scoop is a term I learned 18 years ago or so from Barb Rizzo while take a Pilates Mat class certification. This move engages the Transverse abdominal wall and help to act like a girdle. It in the deepest muscle on the innermost section of your abdominal wall. It literally attaches from the bottom of your rib cage to your pubic symphysis and from side to side. This “sheet” of muscle is what separates your internal organs from the rest of your abs.

As you see in the video there is a set process of how to engage the “belly”:

  • Start on your back and…
  • 1st take a deep breath,
  • 2nd Exhale forcefully “Like you’re trying to blow out candles on a birthday cake, not fogging up the mirror”
  • 3rd As you are exhaling you need to pull the belly button down toward your spine like there is a rubber band connected to your belly button and your spine.

You will feel this throughout the core without really “crunching” anything.

Once you get good at knowing how that feels and works then you can learn to stand and walk and do all sorts of exercises while keeping the “belly” engaged and strong. You will be amazed at how it can intensify the simples of exercises as if you have never done that before

For instance, we do a lot of planks here at PFT and you know that holding a 3-minute plank is difficult. And including the “belly scoop” will not just make it more difficult it will also take the stress off your back and REALLY focus on the abdominal wall, not just the hangout muscles LOL.

Very “simply” engaging the “scoop” while doing a plank starts with and contraction of your Glutes as tight as you can and a slight revers pelvic tilt, you’re not driving your butt up like mount diablo LOL. If you fall out, that’s ok just get back in asap.

Now including this “scoop” in ALL your exercises may be too much to handle right away. But remember: it’s not how many you do or how much you do it’s how well you do it! Pure Form PFT is and always has been about Form First. I have been Pure Form PFT for 20 years so remember we don’t expect perfect. We want quality over quantity and #YourVeryBest #BetterEveryDay #PureFormPFT

Yours in Health and Fitness
Carl the servant

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Thursday, 23 January 2020

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