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Bite-Sized Breakdown: 5 Things You Can Do Today | To Be Healthier & Happier By Tomorrow

A Better Life

Is your life in a rut?

Did you wake up this morning on the same side of the bed, grab your phone to check social media (like always), only to begin thinking the same limiting or stressful thoughts, while dreading the inevitable journey away from the warmth of your protective blankets?

Did you drive to work the same way, to go to the same job that doesn't fuel your soul, only to talk to the same people at the same superficial level, struggling to get through your work day, just to head home and follow the same mind numbing nightly routine?

Then, wake up tomorrow and do the same thing all over again. The promise of the week"end" being the temporary plug in the steady drain from your once vibrant glow and passion for the possibilities of life (Whoa! I went dark there for a second. OK, I'm back).

Breaking out of a routine or trying to change a habit can be really hard. However, living a life that doesn't fulfill you in every way, can be much...much harder.

In this weeks Bite-Sized Breakdown, I will give you 5 simple actions you can take today, to be healthier and happier by tomorrow.

5 Routine Busting Actions

1) Half-Hour of Power: Carve out 30 minutes each day that belong only to you. This will give you time to write, relax, be grateful, workout; anything that you feel will recenter your spirit and prepare your body and mind for the day.

I highly recommend you find this extra time by waking up 30 minutes earlier. If you try and do it later in the day, odds are that "something" will come up that will steal your precious "me time".

2) But First...Water: Start each day with a big glass of water. I've mentioned this numerous times, for good reason. It will set your morning routine, hydrate your body, help stave off excessive hunger, etc.

I believe this one habit to be the most important and easy habit to implement for improving your health and discipline. Not to mention, if you don't follow through with this simple task, then you probably have no reason moving forward with more difficult changes, as failure is likely.

3) Take a Moment: In this fast paced world, we are so overwhelmed with constant stimuli, deadlines, to-do-lists...pressure...pressure...pressure.

"Uh...Michael, didn't you know pressure can make diamonds", you may say. True, but it can also crush objects that cannot withstand the force.

So what can we do? We all got goals, Yo!

Here's what you do. Take a moment and store a memory.

Look someone in their eyes and truly see them, without thinking about what you are going to say next.

Take a look at your surroundings and notice the details. The details you've probably seen a thousand times and never taken the time to register.

It doesn't matter what fantastic heights you achieve in this world. If you don't take the time to appreciate the journey, all will be lost.

*old school video explaining this concept:

4) Get Off Your "Biscuit": Move more my friends. The body gets really good at what you do. If you move, you'll get really good at moving. If you don't move, you'll get really good at being still.

It doesn't matter what you do. Just get out there, break a sweat, struggle at times, feel the burn in your muscles and challenge your body to get stronger. One of the best ways to cheer yourself, is to change your physiology. Next time you feel sad, go outside and sprint as fast as you can or do push-ups until failure. I guarantee you'll instantly feel better.

5) Call Someone Who Cares: Forget the text message, DM, email, or any other form of communication that doesn't involve your live voice. Pick one person (friend, family member, significant other, etc.) and give them a call. No agenda, no expectations and no interruptions. Just talk, laugh and share a moment together that neither of you can ever have back. Time, the highest value transaction that two people can share.

Do this on a regular basis and rebuild that human connection that most of us long for (knowingly or not) in today's digitally sterile world.

Well, that's a wrap folks! Let's go ahead and break this down one digit at a time, until we give procrastination and regret a five-pronged slap across it's smug little face.

Bite-Sized Breakdown:

Life is hard! That's what makes it so AWESOME. We have the opportunity and the responsibility to live any life we so choose. No highs are too high and no lows are too low. This is both intoxicating and scary all at the same time.

What do we do, if we find ourselves in life's valley with the peak of our goals out of sight and seemingly out of reach.

Step one...relax (go to it...) and take a deep breath. Your best self is not as far away as you may think.

Here are some simple actions you can take today, that will greatly improve your health and happiness by tomorrow.

  • 1) Wake up 30 minutes earlier and take some time to focus on yourself.
  • 2) Start your morning with a big glass of water.
  • 3) Take a moment today and be purposely present. Absorb the world around you.
  • 4) Move your body, get a sweat going and challenge yourself.
  • 5) Call someone you care about and who cares about you.

If this list seems overwhelming, start by picking just one item. Do that one item daily, until you feel that you are ready to add another life enhancing action.

Life isn't as complicated as we make it out to be. We typically have a pretty good idea of what it'll take to live an exciting and fulfilling life. Think about how often you or someone you know says, "I need to"..."I wish I"..."I want to".

So, it's quite simple. Do you want to change certain areas of your life? Start taking action on your needs, wants and wishes. "ACTION" being the most important part of the equation. Without it, your dreams and desires will remain a soft whisper and dull gnawing of what you could of been.

"Live full and die empty."
-Les Brown

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Wednesday, 26 February 2020

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