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Form Friday: 1-arm Dumbbell Bench Plank Row


The Bench Plank Row is an amazing exercise that works your back and core muscles at the same time! Let's get you set-up!

Getting into Position:

  • Place the dumbbell in one hand.
  • Place your other hand on the bench; arm locked-out. DO NOT let your elbow bend.
  • With both feet, get into a wide-stance on the balls of your feet (toes) and locked-out your legs. DO NOT let your knees bend.
  • Keep your head neutral. DO NOT look down at the ground.
  • With your core muscles engaged, thrust your hips forward, flex your glutes, and your quads. TIP: This will lock-down your core and protect your back. When thrusting your hips forward, DO NOT arch your back. Likewise, DO NOT have your butt up high. This is something I commonly see. TIP: Your body should create a straight line.

The Movement:

  • Exhale, pulling the dumbbell up to your hip. TIP: Lead with your elbow.
  • Inhale, as you lower the weight back down.
  • Throughout this exercise, make sure your hips stay “square” (facing forward). DO NOT let your hips twist. This is bad for your back and another mistake I often witness. This can happen when the rowing movement becomes the only focal point. Meanwhile, focus on core stabilization is left out. TIP: Let's target both equally.
  • Repeat as necessary, then switch sides.

If you have trouble keeping your hips facing forward while doing the Bench Plank Row, the traditional 1-arm Bent-over Row is the perfect substitution. Here are the steps:

  • Place a dumbbell in one hand.
  • Step forward with the opposite side foot.
  • Extend other foot far back. You want a wide-stance. TIP: This will allow you the opportunity to keep your back straight during this exercise. Make sure to focus on this. DO NOT have your back foot too far forward as your back will not stay straight during the exercise.
  • Place your “off hand” forearm on your front quad. TIP: Shift all your weight here.
  • Keep back straight, head neutral, core tight, and butt tight. DO NOT let your shoulders "round".
  • Exhale, pulling the dumbbell up to your hip. TIP: Lead with your elbow.
  • Inhale, as you lower the weight back down.

That's it! I truly hope this helps your workouts! If you have a friend that would also benefit from reviewing my Form Friday videos, please share with them!

Thank you so much for reading this blog! Until next week, keep being AWESOME!!
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Wednesday, 19 February 2020

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