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Pure Form PFT started as an idea in my garage in 2000, and has since moved from a 1200-square-foot studio and 50 clients to more than 500 clients in 5 private studios in Stockton, Lodi, Tracy, West Sacramento, and Galt.

Initially, Pure Form PFT focused on Private or Semi-Private training, but I realized that by perfecting the PFT System as a group training facility, I could help more clients reach their goals. In 2012, I opened up the Lodi location with Joel Flynn, and we’ve continued to expand ever since. Pure Form PFT continues to refine and specialize the PFT System, allowing greater access to all fitness levels and even greater transformations along the way.

At Pure Form PFT, the PFT System will help you reach goals you never thought possible and redefine your definition of optimal fitness. Daily motivation is part of the PFT family. In the words of Rocky, “The world ain’t all butterflies and rainbows, it will beat you down and keep you there if you let it!” But at PFT, we work together to pick one another up and lift one another up.

Carl - Pureform Founder

PFT does not have a WOD board on the wall to record your workout performance. We care more about the quality of the work you do than who performed the fastest.

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